Someone once told me that turning 40 is a mixed bag, your still young enough to want to do things yet old enough to not be able to do them. 2 weeks ago I made the annual pilgrimage with Big Larry and Chacho to meet the Muscle Hamster for a week of riding between drinking. We wanted to ride far and hard, we drank hard and rode not so far. On the last ride of the trip as we reached the top of More Fun we made a pact that will hopefully result in longer rides during future trips. The point being; I had a great time hanging out with the guys at night and I had a great time riding during the days – I would have had a better time at both had the other not been mixed in. I attribute this to age. Years ago I remember hanging out till closing time at a bar then sleeping on a rocky parking lot the night before a race in Tahoe and finishing on the podium, though we were back at the bar before the awards were handed out. Now If I want to ride fast I need to make sure that I take my medicines, eat right, get a good nights sleep and wake up in a good mood to come close to my goals. However, the wisdom that we needed to make a pact would not have come without age. Seems to me that age can be resisted or embraced, I just haven’t made a clear choice yet…

I will be posting some helmet cam and photos soon of the trip.


No fancy schmancy training programs here, like the immortal Eddie Merckx once said, ride lots. I am going to ride lots and see what happens. 3 weeks to Fruita and I would like to lose about 15 lbs, possible – not probable. check out the new kits for CSF Racing. Comment

August 21, 2010 is the date, the course is still being planned, lots of pavement a little gravel and a hill or two. It will be about 200K in length with no aide stations just a couple gas stations for re-fueling. Details will be confirmed right here on April 15th.

Well I woke up yesterday and realized it is already February. I haven’t been on my bike a lot, I have been working out with my wife daily though and will be the MC for the 2nd Annual RedToRed MTB race on March 6th in Echo, Oregon. Joseba the Basque and I are racing, no, riding the Tour of Walla Walla in April, I should be in some semblence of shape by then, hopefully.

Bikingwise things seem different, I find myself looking at trail bikes instead of lightweight race bikes and I think a multi-day road bike tour sounds like fun. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always though any day riding is better than a day not riding, however recently and unexspectedly my ambition to race and be competitive has dimminished. I still want to be one of the strong riders in the group ride and still want to make Chacho suffer in the hills mountain biking but I am not so drawn toward racing a bunch of folks I hardly know on a 6-10 mile lap.
This has left me with the decision to try and sell both my 2009 GT Marathon Pro and my 2008 Giant Anthem 0, if I am able to do so I will be purchasing a 29’r trail bike, hopefully a Santa Cruz Tallboy. I will also be selling all my 26 inch tires, I’m the Emelda Marcos of mountain bike tires, here’s a partial list:
Schwable Fast Fred
Schwable Rocket Ron
Schwable Racing Ralph
Schwable Nobby Nick
Kenda Karma
Panaracer Fire XC
Maxxis MiMo
Hutchison Spider
Michelin Dry
and so on…….

Started training and dieting in earnest Yesterday with my wife. I am training for health this year, will probably do a few bike races and a few challenging rides.
Including my 40th Birthday Gran Fondo, on or about August 21, 2010. Get ready guys, this will be epic in length, will include some stupid sections and will be challenging for the fittest rider. Details will be leaked in early summer.

You can not procrastinate when you are trying to get in shape, lose weight, grow something………..
I made a committment to lose a few pounds a few days ago, 64 to be exact, well it’s not going to happen, I know, what a loser…get the pun, I digress….

Truth is, I enjoy cookies almost as much as Nate-dog, I will drink a beer when I feel like it, I have earned that right in the 39+ years I’ve been alive and warm fattening food tastes good when it’s cold outside.
So, with that said I will not post a new fat picture to update the old fat picture I posted 64 days ago, things(me) look about the same. I think I may make a comeback in the clydesdale division this year, watch out Chacho.

“It’s not about the six minutes, it”s about what you do in those six minutes” 

Winter begins today, as does my attempt to get in shape.  I sit here pondering what am I getting in shape for?  Not to sure this year, in the past I have had cycling goals for the next season, not so much this year. 

Instead of race goals this year I think I need heath goals, so here is my first attempt:

1.) Get my back healthy, all through this year I have been waging war with my lower back.  I’ve been told it has to do with my tight hamstrings/it bands/scoliosis/weak abdominal muscles, funny thing is I used to teach the Health Back program for the YMCA and once did 1,000 crunches in a row as a challenge in college.

2.) Ride when it feels like fun, not because I think I have to.

3.) Eliminate refined sugar and grains from my diet.

4.)  Take time to really listen to others.

5.)  Enjoy the ride that life is.

Thanks for reading you two, maybe three.

Seems like a good time of the year to look to the future, and reflect on the past.  My future looks increasingly good, my family is healthy, my children are everything a father could ask for, and my health is improving.  I work with a good group of people and I know that we are making positive changes in the lives of many in our community.  So here are some reflections of 09 and goals for 2010.


Health:  2009 – my first (2) broken bones of my life (finger, collarbone).  A private battle with depression(now public) lowlighted the last 5 months of the year.  2010 – I will recapture my fighting weight 162lbs and will avoid any unnecessary broken bones.

Bicycling:  2009 – Made a maiden voyage to Moab, rode STP, High Cascades 100, Raced on the GT Dirt Coalition Team, rode over 5,000 miles for the first time, hired a coach, fired a coach, did not finish near the podium in any races.  2010 – have fun with racing, ride the Death Ride, RAMROD, and back to the team 24 hour, make at least 1 big mtb trip with the boys.

The Future

Family:  2009 – watched in amazement the maturing of my girls(time truly flies), watched Madison swim better than I ever could, watched Caitlin pump out push-ups because she thinks it’s fun, listened to my wife’s advise(thank you), adopted a male stray just to have another man in the house and subsequently had him fixed (sorry Runo).  2010 – spend more time in the outdoors with my children, spend more quite time with my wife, get Caitlin to pedal a bicycle, continue to encourage Madison to ride with me(on trails), stay in better contact with my brother/parents.

Great Times

This afternoon on the windiest day of the year I loaded up the whole family to head to Horn Rapids in Richland, WA for what is my last race of the season. When I say windy I mean volcano blast zone, sustained winds of 30 – 35mph, gusts to 65mph. On the way we hear a strange sound from the roof, I diagnose it quickly as a piece of molding that’s been loose for about a year and continue at 75 with the aforementioned crosswind. I was wrong as I usually am when it comes to diagnosing anything, it was the Thule cargo box about to fly off the top and land in Walla Walla. After reaffixing the box we continue on our way only to have the molding strip come loose and thrash around for the last 20 miles of our trip.
The race itself was straightforward; twisty, sandy, flat singletrack, open 10 laps, expert 8 laps, sport 6 laps, beginner 4 laps. I chose to ride the GT Peace 29er multi, because the course was flat and smooth and the fact that with my training hours in the past 3 months I couldn’t justify riding the Marathon, it would be an insult to the bike.

Long Season

I finished in the back quarter of the expert field, Big Larry won the Sport with Chacho in 5th in the Sport. During the post race raffle BL won a saddle bag/trouser strap/first aid kit, Chacho won nothing and I won a $40.00 gift card from REI, the race sponsor. Following the raffle we finished off a great day with a 10 course meal at PF Changs.
Thanks to GT for a great year of racing and riding, the support was outstanding and I’m looking forward to avoiding the mishaps and improve on my so so performances this year.


All 3 off you have spoken, so I must warn you to leave this blog immediately if the site of shirtless overweight men make you sick. 

You’ve been warned…….

Current weight: 188.9lbs – 11/16/09

11/16/09 before slim down